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Packaging Materials

Sorma has over 40 years of experience providing high quality and cost-effective packaging materials for the produce industry

Film Printing

We manufacture locally and supply high quality graphics printed film for various types of packaging such as pre-assembled vertbag material

Service & Parts Warehouse

Our skillful Techs have extensive knowledge.  Need a part?  No problem!  Our Parts Warehouse is fully stocked for whatever you may need

Weighers & Counters

From small delicate fruit to potatoes & onions, 250 gr to 50 lbs, we have you covered

Packaging Machines

Baggers, Clippers, Flow Wrap, and Clamshell/Punnets

Automation | Machinery

Box & Bulk Fillers, Check Weighers, Palletizers, Strappers, Bin Dumpers

Machinery For All of Your Needs

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