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Automatic Bagging Machine

The”FH” series is a high capacity machine for packaging Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, and other commodities in individual Polyethylene bags wound on coils.  The bags are conveyed by belts to the filling area where two mechanical grippers hold the bag open.  The bags then make their way down to the closing device.  The machine’s high speed processor can store up to 100 processing programs.


For Carrots- Special hopper for parallel carrot positioning.

For Potatoes- Vibrating hopper to avoid product pile-ups.

For Delicate Commodities- Pneumatic seat under the hopper

Printers- Heat Printer, Thermo-Transfer Printer, and Batch Marker

Single Fold Film- Vertical sealing machine with and without drilling


BAG TYPES: Poly Bags

BAG SIZES: 200mm – 280mm

COMMODITIES: Potatoes, Onions, Apples, Carrots, and more

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