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Automatic Clipping Machine

The RB2-120 is a vertical clipping machine with two 225mm diameter net pipes, suitable for closing tubular nets with your desired commodity.  The machine also features a wineglass label applicator with a printer for bar code and variable data as well as a ribbon that can act as a handle.

OUTPUT: up to 40 net-packages/minute

INSTALLED POWER: 220V 3ph – 60 Hz

PACKAGES: Soft/Woven Net Bag with Wineglass Label

BAG TYPES: Clipper Bag

BAG SIZES: 1 lb – 6 lb (can accommodate up to 10lbs, but the presentation of the bag is not ideal)

COMMODITIES: Avocados, Citrus, Chestnuts, Garlic, Onions, Potatoes, and more

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